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Oven Braised Potatoes

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Oven Braised Potatoes Oven Braised Potatoes

Oven Braised Potatoes

I was cooking some chicken the other day and wanted a side dish to serve with it, but I wanted something that would be a tiny bit different than what I usually make.  I didn't want mash, or chips, or even roasties . . .  but I did want potatoes.

I was thinking of Greek Roasted Potatoes, which are lovely and lemony and deliciously Herby. 

But I didn't have any lemons  . . .  so I decided to make my own version of an oven roasted potato  . . .
Tender on the insides, and almost creamy  . . .  but well flavoured and somewhat crisp on the outsides . . .
I used vegetable stock and Dijon mustard  . . .  in retrospect, I might have added a bit of olive oil or butter, but I didn't.  They would have browned a bit better with some fat.  Never mind, these were still bodaciously delicious!
The Dijon mustard added a beautiful depth of flavour to them, without overpowering the integrity of the flavour of the potatoes . . .

I used parsley, but you certainly could use some thyme or marjoram, or even oregano or sage.  I wanted to keep it simple. 

I felt that the vegetable stock would add the right amount of flavour . . .  and it did.

I use Knorr vegetable stock gel pots.  I use their gel pots for all of my stock needs.  They are really good. 

These came out perfect, knife tender, and yet holding together, having absorbe...
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Oven Braised Potatoes Oven Braised Potatoes


Source of news: The English Kitchen
Source of publication: 02-11-2018 16:09
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