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Parmesan & Black Pepper Potato Scones

I think scones are one of my favourite things to bake (and eat!).  Who doesn\'t love a scone.  They are perfectly at home and fit in with all types ...
24-05-2018 16:07

Baked Eggs

 If you are looking for an excellent light supper, lunch or even brunch dish, look no further than these Baked Eggs. You could also have them for bre...
23-05-2018 16:05

Crunchy Yogurt Pots

 After all of the decadence of the last few days this morning I am really craving a return to normality.  My hips are screaming at me . . .  "enoug...
22-05-2018 16:06

Jam Oysters

 When I made my declaration about not doing any more fancy eating posts for a while, I had forgotten about these delicious little jam tarts I had bak...
21-05-2018 16:07

Lemon Raspberry French Toast

 Royal weddings aside, I do like to pull the boat out a bit at the weekend when it comes to breakfast/brunch.  I actually did this last weekend, but...
20-05-2018 16:06

Souffle Omelet & Cornbread Muffins

  I wanted to do a bit of a brunch/breakfast today to celebrate the Royal Wedding.  Something which incorporated traditions from both sides of the ...
19-05-2018 16:07

Lemon & Elderflower Cake

  Day two of beautiful food. I was going to save this for Saturday, but then I thought some of you might want to bake this cake so I would give you ...
18-05-2018 16:07

Ruffled Milk Pie

  I think you would have to be living under a rock to not know what is taking place this coming Saturday, the 19th May, 2018.  That is the day when...
17-05-2018 16:06

Curried Chicken Fried Rice

  I adore fried rice.  It is a fabulous way of using up all the bits and scraps in the refrigerator and makes a great main or side dish. We usually...
16-05-2018 16:06

Cheese & Potato Pie

 This dish I am showing you today is a fabulous vegetarian main dish, filled with lovely flavours and textures, always assuming that  you still eat ...
15-05-2018 16:07

Chicken Caprese Rollups

 Its a week night and you have had a busy tiresome day.  You get home and you are starving.  All that is in the refrigerator is a bit of leftover c...
14-05-2018 16:07

Lemon Pots de Creme

  I know that today is not Mother\'s Day here in the UK, they always celebrate that in March, however I have a foot in both worlds, and all of my fa...
13-05-2018 16:06

Jam Filled Buns

 I always like to make my husband a little something special to enjoy with his breakfast or his morning drink at the weekend.  He is always so very ...
12-05-2018 16:06

Vegetarian Taco Salad

  I put my hand up! I adore salads, and it doesn\'t have to be summer for me to enjoy them.  I am the salad Queen! Todd, on the other hand, is not ...
11-05-2018 16:06

Eileen's Curry

 All of my children love to cook. I can\'t claim total responsability for that, as their father used to love to cook as well.  He made great Spaghet...
10-05-2018 16:06

The Camping Cookbook

Following the huge success of the first and second editions, the people at Go Outdoors have decided to take things up yet another notch with the third...
10-05-2018 16:06

Toffee Almond Cake

 We are having a set of the Missionaries over for supper tonight, so you know what that means.  I am pulling out all the stops.  We have three sets...
09-05-2018 16:07

A Trio of Pasta Salads

 We have had the loveliest May Bank Holiday this past weekend with beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures.  We have had to dig out fans out of sto...
08-05-2018 16:07

Triple Mash with Horseradish Crumbs

 There is no denying it.  I am having a long-standing love affair with potatoes. In any way, shape or form, this love affair has been going on for a...
07-05-2018 16:05

Orange, Cranberry & Cream Scones

Later this month, on the 19th May we are  all going to be glued to the television screens watching the making of a Fairy Tale come true as we watch M...
06-05-2018 16:05

Chocolate Marble Cake

 Have you ever craved cake"  I do . . .  and I shouldn\'t because I really don\'t need to be eating cake, but every now and then I just got to have...
05-05-2018 16:05

Blackbean & Corn Enchiladas

 Mexican food was not something I ever had when I was a child, and I dare say, unless you lives in the American South West or California, it wasn\'t ...
04-05-2018 16:06

Garlic Chicken & Rice

 My mother always said I was the master of creating something tasty to eat out of nothing.  I am not sure where that skill comes from. My first MIL ...
03-05-2018 16:06

Roasted Vegetable Frittata

 A Frittata has to be one of the easiest and tastiest of weeknight supper dishes.  Basically they are just a large omelette or crustless quiche and ...
02-05-2018 16:05

Cheddar & Honey Mustard Muffins

  Many years ago when I was raising my family, I used to watch a television show on the PBS channel called Harrowsmith Country Life. I loved it. It ...
01-05-2018 16:06

Dill & Cucumber Chicken Salad

I confess when I was younger I was not all that fond of chicken salad sandwiches. I am not sure why.  It is something which I have taken to mostly in...
30-04-2018 16:07

Cherry Croissants

 Did you every have one of those days"    By that I mean a day where everything you touch turns to doodoo.  You spend all day working really hard...
28-04-2018 16:05

Magic Pie

 One of Todd\'s favourite desserts has to be Custard Pie or Tarts.  When I am grocery shopping, I will oftimes pick him up a couple of custard tarts...
28-04-2018 16:05

Breakfast Spuds

 There is no denying it.  Potatoes are my favourite vegetable, which is a darned shame really because they are carbs which get converted directly in...
27-04-2018 16:05

Yeast-Free Naan

 One of the things my husband really loves is a good curry. I confess I like it too.   He loves a good hot and spicy Madras, whereas I like a mild ...
26-04-2018 16:05

Diner Style Hot Sandwiches

 One thing I miss over here when we go out to eat (which isn\'t often) are the lovely Diner Style of Hot Roasted Meat Sandwiches which we used to get...
24-04-2018 16:05

Baked Mac & Cheese

 I confess I have a penchant for Macaroni and Cheese.  I have never met a dish of macaroni and cheese that I did not fall in love with, and I am alw...
23-04-2018 16:05

Pain Perdu with Clotted Cream & Berries

 I really love simple things . . .  time and time again, I am reminded that it is the simple things in life which truly are the best . . .  things ...
22-04-2018 16:05

Jammy Buns

 I wanted to bake Todd a treat today and I had spied this recipe in a baking book of mine which I have had for a very long time, entitled, "Cakes" by...
21-04-2018 16:05

Lizi's Granola Scones

 This coming Monday will be Saint George\'s Day.  All of the beautiful countries in the United Kingdom have a Patron Saint and the Patron Saint of E...
20-04-2018 16:06

Chicken & Waffles

 Do you remember the Mini-Series that was on the telly a few years back starring Kate Winslet, called Mildred Pierce"  It was a cracker of a series....
19-04-2018 16:05

Couscous Salad

 We were supposed to go to a Pot Luck lunch today (Tuesday) but we ended up not going because Todd had had a bad night\'s sleep.  I ended up with a ...
18-04-2018 16:06


I have always been a huge pizza fan. My first experience with it was at a highschool Winter Carnival. For one of the events we had a coffeehouse/pizza...
17-04-2018 16:05

Lemon, Garlic & Herb Chicken Quarters

 After eating meat free for several weeks now I found myself really craving chicken this weekend.  I went to the shops to buy a roasting chicken. (W...
16-04-2018 16:05

Lemon & Blackberry Slice

 In all truth my favourite flavour of all baked goodies has to be lemon, followed closely by chocolate . . .  I would actually be very hard pressed ...
15-04-2018 16:05

Stuffed Baked Apples

 As you know we love feeding the Missionaries.  The last few months has seen a slow down in that area due to problems with our dishwasher and my hea...
14-04-2018 16:06

Herb Marinated Chicken Breasts

  When we recently made our decision to eat mainly a plant based diet, we decided at the outset that we would still each chicken occasionally as wel...
13-04-2018 16:05

Brown Rice Lasagne

  We are having one set of the missionaries for supper tonight (Wednesday as I write this), and I wanted to make them something hearty and delicious...
12-04-2018 16:05

Honey & Soy Glazed Sausage with Root Vegetable Mash

 My husband is a real meat and potatoes man.  This transition to a more plant based diet isn\'t an easy one for him. I am out to prove to him that h...
11-04-2018 16:06

Spaghetti with Peppers, Olives & Tomatoes

 This  is a beautiful supper dish with lovely fresh flavours and colours.  I love recipes like this.  Its simple, easy and uses things I normally ...
10-04-2018 16:06

Baked Beans

 We love baked beans in this house.  When  I was growing up baked beans were often on themenu on Saturday evening suppers, and there was nothing ta...
09-04-2018 16:06

Pear & Maple Upside-down Cake

 One flavour which I really enjoy is Maple.  In Canada at this time of year, the sap is running on the Maple trees and they are tapping them so that...
08-04-2018 16:06

GF Chocolate Brownies

 The other day I was in the shops and I thought I would buy a loaf of gluten free bread to try it out.  I have one word to say. BLECCH.  It was a v...
07-04-2018 16:06

Ham, Cheese & Egg Breakfast Roll Ups

 This recipe I am showing you today is a very simple one that you can make for one, or you can make for many, depending on what your needs are.  You...
06-04-2018 16:05

My Little Sous-Chef

  I was recently asked if I would like to review a new concept in cookery books. Having been a cookbook collector for many years, and as a cookbook ...
05-04-2018 16:06

Apricot & Honey Muffins

 These delicious muffins I am showing you today make for a fantastically tasty grab and go mid-week breakfast. Perfect for days when you are in a rus...
05-04-2018 16:06

A Delicious Vegetable Curry

 My husband and I recently decided that we are going to eat a more plant based diet, having fish or chicken only occasionally.  I have been experien...
04-04-2018 16:04

Enchiladas Calabaza

 We love Tex Mex style food in this house and these are my all time favourite enchiladas.  I had not made them in a very long time, but when we were...
03-04-2018 16:05

Cowboy Hot Pot

 Today I am showing you a very adaptable casserole that you will probably find comes in very handy with some of your Easter dinner leftovers. Cowboy ...
02-04-2018 16:06

Melting Moments

 Melting moments  . . .  ahhh . . .  isn\'t that a wonderful name for a biscuit/cookie"  And, while I am at it, don\'t you just love the fact tha...
01-04-2018 16:05

Farmhouse Cheddar Soup

 This delicious vegetable soup is one that I have had resting in my big blue binder for many, many moons now.  The writing on the page is fading and...
31-03-2018 16:04

Glazed Easter Bread

  I loved Easter when I was a child.  We didn\'t get a lot of candy really, a chocolate bunny, some coloured candy eggs, with a white nougat fillin...
30-03-2018 16:06

Easy Caesar Chops

 I\'m almost ashamed to show you this recipe today as it is such an easy one that you will probably be smacking yourself on the forehead and saying, ...
29-03-2018 16:04

Swiss Roll

  Funny how things are named different things in different places.  In Canada, we would call this a jelly roll . . . over here it becomes a Swiss...
28-03-2018 16:04

Dr Oetker Bake in the Box Loaf Cakes

 Are you looking for a quick bake for the family over the Easter Holidays"  Dr Oetkers new Bake in the Box Loaf Cake Mixes are perfect for that.  I...
27-03-2018 16:07

Twice Baked Mash

 If you are looking for a worthy candidate for a side dish for your Easter dinner this year, look no further.  Twice Baked Mash just might be exactl...
27-03-2018 16:07

Baking with Cadbury's Creme Eggs & Georgia's Cakes

    Who doesn\'t love a Cadbury\'s Creme Egg or two at this time of year!  Does the Easter Bunny ever bring enough"  I think not.  Cadbury has ...
27-03-2018 16:07

Smothered Chicken

I am taking advantage of these last cooler days we are having before the weather gets too hot to enjoy comfort meals such as this delicious Smothered ...
26-03-2018 16:06

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