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Four Perfect Blueberry Muffins

 Blueberry muffins . . .  who doesn\'t love them!  I adore them, but baking a full dozen muffins isn\'t practical anymore for just Todd and myself....
25-01-2020 16:06

How to Crack the January Blah's

 Ahhh January.  The first month of the year.  All of the festivities of Christmas are over. You may  have made  New Year\'s resolutions and (in a...
23-01-2020 16:06

Gremolata Baked Cod

 I think of all the fishes in the sea, Cod is my favourite and I have to say that we have beautiful Cod here in the UK.  I first tasted it when I ha...
22-01-2020 16:06

World's Best Mac & Cheese for two

 One of my favourite things to make and eat is macaroni and cheese.  I like to make it from scratch, using cheese that I have grated myself, and a r...
21-01-2020 16:07

Banana Loaf for Two

 One thing we both really enjoy in our house is Banana Loaf. I always buy extra bananas so that I can make one for us to enjoy with hot cuppas now an...
19-01-2020 16:06

Golden Layer Cake with Chocolate Frosting

 This recipe I am sharing with you today is for a wonderfully moist and delicious golden layer cake filled and frosted with a lush and rich chocolate...
18-01-2020 16:07

Smoky Tomato & Garlic Prawns

 My Todd really loves King Prawns.  I don\'t cook them for him often enough.  I confess, I can\'t eat them due to an allergy, but every once in a w...
17-01-2020 16:07

Wild Alaska Salmon & Warm Vegetable Salad

 I wanted to share a recipe with you today for a fabulously quick and delicious meal salad for those times when you are a bit short on time, but stil...
17-01-2020 16:07

All Time Favourites

 I\'ve been cooking and sharing recipes online for about 18 years now.  I have shared my love of food and recipes on a variety of sites throughout t...
16-01-2020 16:06

Skillet Apple Crumble

 I had purchased rather a lot of apples that needed using up and so I thought to make us an apple crumble.  I say us, but really I mean Todd.  I ha...
15-01-2020 16:07

Broccoli Salad for Two

 One of my favourite salads has always been broccoli salad.  It is a salad that I tend to only eat at pot lucks and such because to make a full reci...
14-01-2020 16:07

Cheesy Garlic Bread

 Sometimes we want a tasty bread to go with our main course.  Something a bit more than an ordinary slice of bread.  Something like this Cheesy Gar...
13-01-2020 16:08

Swedish Pepparkakor Cookie Butter Croissants

 I am really excited to be sharing this recipe with you today. Prepare to have your socks knocked off!  Swedish Pepparkakor Cookie Butter Croissants...
12-01-2020 16:06

Maple & Cranberry Baked Apples

  Baked Apples one of the comfort foods we like to enjoy in the Winter months.  Apples are plentiful and at their best. We don\'t mind having the o...
11-01-2020 16:07

Small Batch Classic Lasagna

 This year I am planning on focusing more on small batch cookery, cooking for two or three, ie. the smaller family, as much as I can.  There are onl...
10-01-2020 16:07

Ham & Cheese Casserole

 We had some baked ham leftover from the holidays the other day and so I decided to make a delicious casserole with them.  We were all sandwiched ou...
09-01-2020 16:08

Sheet Pan Roasted Sea Bass Dinner for Two

 This week we are taking a break from all of the hedonistic indulgences of the past month.  I think we are both desiring to eat a bit lighter and he...
07-01-2020 16:08

Deep, Dark & Delicious Gingerbread

 This week I was craving a cake. Oh, we still have Christmas cake left, but I wanted cake cake.  Something without raisins and currants and peel . ....
05-01-2020 16:07

Garlic Butter Steak with a Creamy Mushroom Sauce

 Every New Year\'s Day from as long as I can remember we have had roasted ham for our New Year celebration dinner.  Boiled until tender, and then th...
02-01-2020 16:07

Garlic & Parmesan Crispy Potatoes

 I am a woman of many weaknesses, most of them being food related . . .  hand  me a slice of ice cold, trembling Lemon Meringue Pie, topped with bi...
01-01-2020 16:07

Heavenly Chicken

 I can\'t think of a better recipe to end the year on than this delicious and simple chicken recipe. Did you have Shake & Bake when you were growing ...
31-12-2019 16:07

Maple Walnut Muffins

 After all of the excess of the last week or so I was craving something simple today that I could enjoy with a cup of herbal tea.  I confess I am fr...
29-12-2019 16:09

Nibbles for New Years

 I\'ve never been one much for going out on New Years Eve.  I\'m pretty much a stay at home, have a few nibbles, watch the ball drop on the telly ki...
28-12-2019 16:07

Christmas Gingerbread Roll

 If you are looking for a fabulous dessert to finish your Christmas celebratory meal with I say look no further!  This wonderful Christmas Gingerbre...
22-12-2019 16:06

Sugared Date Squares

 I don\'t think anyone can ever call me an expert at presentation.  Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I get it wrong.  Somethings are just dif...
21-12-2019 16:06

Christmas Cake 2019 (tutorial)

 It was a really gloomy day around here today (Wednesday as I write this) and I thought I would decorate my cake for Christmas.  I have been diligen...
19-12-2019 16:07

White Chocolate, Raspberry and Almond Pan Cookie

 Todd had his pre-op assessment at the hospital today for his hernia operation, which they will hopefully be doing the end of January.  I knew he wo...
18-12-2019 16:07

Gingered Lemon Sole

  I wanted to share this delicious recipe with you on Friday but ran totally out of time!  Never mind, I got here in the end.  If you love fish, y...
16-12-2019 16:07

Supercharge your Breakfast with new B.fresh Plant Based Birc

   One thing I really appreciate and love to experience as a top food blogger here in the UK, is the opportunity I have from time to time to try ne...
16-12-2019 16:07

Mint Chocolate Shortbread Fingers

 The recipe I am sharing with you today comes from an old Waitrose Cooking Pamphlet from 2009.  I was still working at the Manor when I picked this ...
15-12-2019 16:07

Kresge's Light Fruit Cake

 Christmas fruit cake. It is a "love it" or "loathe it" kind of a thing.  I am from the "love it" camp myself.  All the Christmas\'s of my childhoo...
14-12-2019 16:07

Pork & Rice Casserole

 As promised yesterday I am back today with a delicious casserole that you can make with some of your leftover cooked pork.  I think that this casse...
13-12-2019 16:08

Orange Glazed Pork Roast

 Not everyone likes Turkey for Christmas Dinner. I know growing up my father and sister were not overly fond of turkey, although we did always have i...
12-12-2019 16:07

Delectable Mustard Baked Chicken

 We eat a lot of chicken in our house.  Chicken and fish.  Red meat only makes a rare appearance.  We sometimes go weeks without eating red meat u...
09-12-2019 16:07

Cinnamon Swirl Tea Bread Updated for Christmas

 One thing I like to bake every Christmas is my Cinnamon Swirl Tea Bread. It is a recipe I got from my good friend Leona many years ago, and it is de...
08-12-2019 16:06

Creamy and Rich Hot Cocoa For One

 I saw these marshmallows at Asda the other day and I just could not resist picking up a package!  They are so cute.  Little snowman faces.  I jus...
07-12-2019 16:06

Roasted Sausage & Potato Supper

 I had taken some sausages out of the freezer to cook for our supper last night, thinking I was going to cook them with some onions, apples and apple...
05-12-2019 16:07

Fit for the gods Oven Braised Beef Stew

 We\'ve had some really cold days this past week or so, with heavy frosts on the ground in the morning and the days haven\'t warmed up too much eithe...
04-12-2019 16:07

Million Dollar Salsa Chicken

 My friend Elaine, who lives in Toronto, was making this chicken the other day for their dinner and it sounded so delicious that I decided to try it ...
03-12-2019 16:07

City Chicken

 I was sitting here yesterday morning doing Christmas Cards and I was trying to think of what my first Christmas memories were of myself and my siste...
02-12-2019 16:07

Apple Puff Pancake

 A  lot of us are going to be entertaining people in our home over the next month or so.  Some of them may even be staying overnight.  When I have...
01-12-2019 16:06

Quick Brown Bread

 If you had to pick one thing that was synonymous with Saturday night suppers when I was growing up it would have to be the Baked Bean Supper.  I am...
30-11-2019 16:07

Chunky Chocolate Cookie In a Pan

 You are sure to love this recipe I am sharing with you today. Not only is it very unusual, but it is also quick, easy and delicious!     A skill...
29-11-2019 16:07

Deliciously Creamy Fresh Salmon Chowder

  I had some lovely salmon fillets in the freezer that we had gotten from Seafresh. Their fish is so amazing.  I have never had any fish from them ...
27-11-2019 16:08

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