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Rhubarb Pudding Cake

 When it comes right down to it, I think one of my absolute favourite fruits has to be rhubarb. This goes right back to my childhood.  I can remembe...
18-08-2018 16:07

Creamy Parmesan Chicken Casserole

  We were invited to a Pot Luck lunch yesterday  and so this casserole I am showcasing today is a little something I came up with to take to the af...
17-08-2018 16:08

Enfrijoladas Bake

 When I first moved over here to the UK, the idea of ever being able to enjoy Tex Mex delights seemed to be but a distant dream.  These types of ing...
16-08-2018 16:07

Blueberry & Corn Salad

 Make no mistake about it.  I am a salad lover.  There is no end to the combination of flavours and colours and deliciousness when it comes to maki...
15-08-2018 16:06

Baked Eggs with Swiss Chard & Garlic Croutons

 We\'ve been really  blessed these past few weeks having been gifted with some lovely free-range farm eggs.  They are just beautiful eggs and we ar...
14-08-2018 16:06

Ultimate Buttermilk Bran Muffins

 I think my favourite type of muffin of all the types of muffins you can get today are plain old fashioned Bran Muffins. There is nothing pretentious...
12-08-2018 16:06

Pam's Cowboy Beans

 This recipe is one of the simplest ones going, and one of the most delicious ones.  I got it from my friend Pam who writes the Blog, On The Bright ...
11-08-2018 16:06

Italian Layer Bake

 This recipe I am sharing today is one of those utterly simple ones that you are almost embarrassed to share, and yet so tasty that you find yourself...
10-08-2018 16:06

Good Takes Time to Grow - Giveaways

 As most of my readers now, I  am a person who likes to do good and practice kindness whenever I can.  Kindness costs nothing, and good deeds are g...
10-08-2018 16:06

Skillet BBQ Chicken

 Chicken . . .  I love it.  We don\'t eat quite as much of it as we used to, mostly because I only buy rspca approved free range organic chicken no...
09-08-2018 16:06

Sausage, Peppers & Onions

  One thing I am really fond of are good, simple ingredients  . . .  if you start with really good, quality ingredients, its not hard to end up wi...
08-08-2018 16:06

Bacon, Egg & Creamed Spinach on Toast

 We are really blessed to have friends who have free range hens, and lately they have been sharing with us some of their lovely eggs.  They are so f...
06-08-2018 16:07

Bumbleberry & Almond Crumble

 All of the warm weather this summer has meant that our soft fruit is ripening much quicker than it has in summer\'s gone by.  I find myself most da...
05-08-2018 16:06

Old Fashioned Cup Custard

 We live in a modern world where everyone is always looking for the next best thing . . . where old fashioned and traditional values are pooh poohed....
04-08-2018 16:07

Turkey Burgers with Cheddar & Apple

 We are huge fans of Turkey Burgers in our home.  In fact I would go so far as to say that we actually like them far more than we like regular burge...
03-08-2018 16:07

Italian Sausage Ragu

  I can\'t help myself.  Every now and again I have to treat myself to some pasta.  Todd doesn\'t like it at all, and so I try very hard not to co...
02-08-2018 16:07

Mexican Salad with a Coriander Lime Dressing

 This salad I am sharing with you today has actually been in my recipe queue for a few weeks now.  I can\'t believe that it is the first of August t...
01-08-2018 16:07

Ham, Gruyere & Spring Onion Crepes

 If you have ever had the opportunity to go to a French market over on the Continent, you will most likely have seen Crepe Vendors.  Baking crepes i...
31-07-2018 16:07

Braised Brisket with Stout & Onions

 Usually on Sunday if  I am on the ball, I will put something into the slow cooker for our dinner before I leave for church in the morning. Normally...
30-07-2018 16:07

Bishop's Fingers

Whenever I come across a recipe with a name such as this I am instantly intrigued and here in the UK there is no shortage of recipes with unusual name...
29-07-2018 16:06

Raspberry Almond Breakfast Cake

  I am sure that this recipe I am sharing today is nothing new to you. I have been baking it for years and I am pretty sure you have too.  Its just...
28-07-2018 16:07

Spicy Fish finger Sandwiches

 I had in mind the other day to make some Fish Finger Tacos.  I got everything ready to go and realised I didn\'t have any flour tortillas, and so I...
27-07-2018 16:06

Grilled Chicken Foil Packs

 We\'ve been having a lot of fun with ourSpace Grill Site.Easy to use, space saving, easy to clean and you can also purchase a separate stand that yo...
26-07-2018 16:08

Crispy Chicken Katsu Curry

 I hope you can take another chicken recipe!  Yes we do eat a lot of chicken in this house. No surprise there, it is quite economical and very adapt...
25-07-2018 16:06

Foil Packet Chili Cheese Fries

 I have a bit of a fun recipe to share with you today.  Foil Packet Chili Cheese Fries.  They are simple to make, dirty no dishes, are easily porta...
24-07-2018 16:08

Jacquie's Tofu Burgers

 About 20 years ago now, I met a lovely lady named Jacquie. It was when I was being taught by the Missionaries of the church I belong to. She and her...
24-07-2018 16:08

Potato, Egg & Green Bean Salad

 In the summer months, my mother always cooked extra potatoes so that she could make us a delicious potato salad to enjoy on hot summer days.  I can...
23-07-2018 16:06

Perfect Meringues - A Tutorial

 Today I am going to teach you how to make perfect meringues.  Making meringues is probably one of the things that can strike fear into even the mos...
22-07-2018 16:06

Cream Tea Trifle Pots

One of the most popular traditions here in the UK is the Cream Tea.   A Cream Tea, also known as a Devon Tea, Devonshire Tea or a Cornish Tea, consi...
21-07-2018 16:06

Cheddar Dressed Lettuce Steaks

 I don\'t know about you, but I actually crave salads.  To me a salad is like a party going on in your mouth, with a huge variety of textures, colou...
20-07-2018 16:07

Salmon & Potato Gratin

 Every once in a while I get very nostalgic for the types of food that I enjoyed when I was a child, and when my own children were growing up.  Salm...
19-07-2018 16:06

The Essential Illustrated Guide to Baking

 Recipe found  here Cake! Seriously what?s not to love about the stuff" The perfect sweet treat for (almost!) any time of day and the ultimate celeb...
19-07-2018 16:06

Breakfast Ciabatta

 I quite like sandwiches.  I am a bit like my Aunt Freda in that respect.  She loved sandwiches also. A sandwich is like a portable meal for one. E...
18-07-2018 16:10

An Easy Pink Veggie Juice Recipe To Liven Up Your Rosy Summe

An Easy Pink Veggie Juice Recipe To Liven Up Your Rosy Summer It\'s summer and it\'s hot, obviously. Unless staying in the air-con all day long is yo...
18-07-2018 16:10

Salt & Pepper Chicken Strips

 I am very fond of Chinese food of any kind, although to be sure I have never actually had any "real" Chinese food. I have only ever had the Westerni...
17-07-2018 16:06

Creamy Caraway Coleslaw

 Can you ever have too many coleslaw recipes" I think not!  I love coleslaw and I am always figuring out new ways of presenting it, flavours to add ...
16-07-2018 16:06

Downside Up Pineapple Cobbler

  This just might be one of the ugliest desserts you have ever seen, but it also might be one of the most delicious.  This is a case where you defi...
15-07-2018 16:06

Easy Cinnamon Nut Croissants

 I like to pull the boat out a bit at the weekend when it comes to breakfast. During the week we keep mainly to the script having cereal or toast and...
14-07-2018 16:07

Crystallised Rose Buds

Today I did something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time, but had never quite managed to get done for one reason or another.  I made...
12-07-2018 16:08

Grilled Peanut Chicken

 I love peanut flavours.  True confession here, I have a slice of toast and peanut butter every night. If I don\'t, I miss it.  I don\'t have butte...
11-07-2018 16:07

Haymaker's Beer

  We have had such a fantastically warm and sun drenched summer thus far, which in some ways has been quite fantastic for farmers growing silage for...
10-07-2018 16:06

Sriracha Chicken Fried Rice

 Sriracha Sauce.  Love it or loathe it"  I am from the love it camp, although I do admit, not so much that I squirt/paste it onto everything I eat ...
09-07-2018 16:05

Fresh Berry Crostini

 With all of the lovely warm and sunny weather we have had recently all of the berries in our garden seem to be ripening at once.  I\'m not complain...
08-07-2018 16:05

Refrigerator Toffee Bars

 I am about to show you something totally dangerous. You might want to look away now, before its too late  . . . oops . . .  too late. Sorry about ...
07-07-2018 16:06

Curried Macaroni Salad

 I am always on the lookout for a new macaroni salad. I love macaroni salads in the summer.  Why"  Because there are no potatoes to peel, you just ...
06-07-2018 16:08

Spicy Tomato and Sausage Pasta

 I took a break from salads yesterday, cooking a simple pasta dish that is not only quick and easy, but quite QUITE delicious!  Spicy Tomato and Sau...
05-07-2018 16:07

Green Slaw

  I really love salad weather and we have certainly been enjoying lots of that these past few weeks!  Summer and salads go together like, well  . ...
04-07-2018 16:07

Grown Up Chocolate

 One of the nice things as a food blogger is that occasionally I get sent new products, improved products, products to try out and voice my opinion o...
03-07-2018 16:07

Sweet Pea & Avocado Vichyssoise

 I never thought I would like a cold soup.  I mean, isn\'t soup supposed to be served hot"  Cold soup has just never appealed to me before NOW!  A...
03-07-2018 16:07

Perfectly Grilled Steak & Road Kill Potatoes

  I have to say we are really enjoying our new Space Grill Site. I wonder what I will cook up on it next"""  Watch this space!  ...
02-07-2018 16:07

Oaty Cinnamon Scones

 Ahh . . .  the weekend.  I love to spoil my husband a bit at the weekend by baking him something special, either for breakfast, teatime or dessert...
01-07-2018 16:05

Strawberry Cupcakes

 Fresh English Strawberries, nothing says summer better than these brilliant sweet  & fresh garden berries.  We grow our own, and they are somewhat...
30-06-2018 16:06


  Enjoy a feast of fabulous food at Liverpool ONE.  Taste your way around the world over one weekend.If you have ever fancied eating your way arou...
29-06-2018 16:06

Moroccan Spiced Grilled Chicken & Couscous Salad

 We really are having the most beautiful weather here in the UK. This is the type of summer we all dream of but only very rarely get.  It\'s just lo...
28-06-2018 16:07

Parma Chicken Casserole

 In an attempt to lower my carb intake and eat healthier I found myself throwing together this simple and easy casserole the other day.  It was quic...
27-06-2018 16:07

Sticky Sausage Tray Bake

 Once the warmer months hit, I want to be out and about outdoors. I am all for ease in the kitchen and I really don\'t want to be chained to the stov...
26-06-2018 16:06

Bacon & Egg Salad

 Proof positive here in The English Kitchen today that I don\'t always cook hedonistic, unhealthy food.  I actually cook/prepare a lot of healthy fo...
25-06-2018 16:06

Strawberry Eclairs

   Two things I really love about the month of June are all of the roses which are blooming profusely in our garden at the moment and all the fresh...
24-06-2018 16:05

Blueberry, Lime & Coconut Friands

 I fell in love with Friands a few years ago when I discovered a fabulous recipe on What Katie Ate. It is the single recipe which inspired me to want...
23-06-2018 16:05

Tomato & Bacon Pasta Twist Salad

 I am a huge fan of pasta salads.  For one thing you have a multitude of shapes and sizes of pasta available to use in them.  Secondly, unlike pota...
22-06-2018 16:05

Lemon & Herb Chicken 4 Two

I do confess that I am rather lazy when it comes to cooking.  If I can find an easier or quicker way to do something I will find it. I also like to u...
21-06-2018 16:05

Thai Chicken Salad Roll Ups

 We eat a lot of chicken in our house and I am always looking for new things to do with it so that it doesn\'t get boring. I don\'t think that I, per...
20-06-2018 16:06

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Pizza Burgers

Pizza Burgers

It\'s a burger that has the same bells and whistles as a pizza...pepperoni, tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil.  It\'s a Pizza Burger and it should be on your menu tonight.This recipe makes 4 (half-pound) burgers.  Shopping List2 pounds of... -
Greek Baby Kale Salad with Farro

Greek Baby Kale Salad with Farro

My husband had a salad with baby kale, farro, and artichoke hearts while at a restaurant recently and it was delicious. Since it’s the New Year and we are trying to eat healthier, I decided to make my own baby kale salad with farro for lunch... -


1 cup water 1/2 cup milk 1/2 tsp dill weed (optional) 1/4 tsp salt 6 slices American cheese 1 1/2 cups instant long-grain rice, uncooked 1 large can (9 to 12-oz) tuna, drained 2 tbsp chopped parsley, optional In a medium saucepan bring the water,... -
Campfire Potatoes

Campfire Potatoes

I just adore these potatoes.  They are one of my favourite ways to have potatoes in the summer.  They\'re so easy to throw together and there is very little mess.   You simply wrap and cool in foil, throwing them on the BBQ with everything... -
Barnyard Millet Curd Upma - Millets Perugu Pindi -  kuthiraivali thayir Upma

Barnyard Millet Curd Upma - Millets Perugu Pi...

Millets Curd Upma is a Tangy & Healthy Upma Variety, made with Millet rice & Sour Curd. Tangy Curd when blended with Ground Millets, cooked in a simmer mode with spice of Green chillies, tastes divine.  Barnyard Millet is Packed with High fiber &... -
Sweet Potato Cakes with Chives

Sweet Potato Cakes with Chives

I didn\'t think 2 weeks will pass without a single post. Well, I have completed my course (results will be known in a couple of days) and finally have some spare time to share a recipe with you.Ingredients:500 g sweet potatoes (kumara), unpeeled1... -
Southwest Pasta Salad

Southwest Pasta Salad

This Southwest Pasta Salad is the perfect cold pasta salad for potlucks, parties, or a quick and easy meal. It can be made in advance and Your friends and family will love this pasta salad recipe! Pasta Salad Season Summer is right around the... -
Sauteed Crookneck Squash - Video Recipe

Sauteed Crookneck Squash - Video Recipe

I like a side dish that takes minimal prep - no peeling or need to clean it out. You can cook it whole or slice it and saute. I like to add a little onion and garlic with a dash of salt and pepper. Play my video recipe below to see for yourself... -
Chai Spiced Glazed Doughnut Muffins

Chai Spiced Glazed Doughnut Muffins

 I love muffins.   They are like portable breakfast foods and so delicious enjoyed for breaktimes.  I Love Chai Spice as well and so when I saw a recipe for Chai Spice Donut Muffins on My Baking Addiction, I knew I wanted to bake them. ... -

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