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Turtle Brownies

Sooooooo I’m not sure if I can really call this a recipe. Because some awesome brands have done all the work for me. In the past, I’ve always mad...
20-08-2019 16:10

IG Live of the Week – Just Chattin’

This week on instagram live, I’m just talking with you guys…while hopped up on far too much coffee. The post IG Live of the Week – Just Chatti...
18-08-2019 16:09

Stepping Up Your Casual Friday Game

Since my sister-in-law is currently living with us while she waits for her brand spankin’ new condo to be built, I’m constantly seeing her adorab...
16-08-2019 16:08

Burger Bowls

If you’re anything like me, you’re down for a bomb ass burger. Whenever I go to a restaurant, especially a sketchy one where I know it will be ch...
15-08-2019 16:08

Soothing Sensitive Skin

If you walked up to me and asked me if I had sensitive skin, like a stranger would totally do out of nowhere, I wouldn’t know how to answer you. Yes...
14-08-2019 16:10

Back to School Chocolate Protein Breakfast Cookies

Something I tend to forget about as an adult female who has no children and has no plan to have children, is school. I forget that school ends and I ...
13-08-2019 16:08

Vacation Looks Round-Up

Hello out there in the world wide web!! I’m currently SO HAPPY to be sitting on our couch with the pup before the sun rises. As much as I love to tr...
09-08-2019 16:07

Honey Mustard Crispy Chicken Salad

I’ve come a long way in the 8 years I’ve had this blog. Before I couldn’t even stand the thought of salads and now I’m sharing them on a regu...
08-08-2019 16:08

Revisiting The Year of Confidence

Back at the start of 2019, I decided that I wanted to stop wasting my time with feeling insecure and less than. In 2018 I found myself scrolling on in...
07-08-2019 16:07

Blueberry Crisp

I recently made a Peach Cobbler and loved it so much that I thought I would make a blueberry one. BUT then I got too lazy. So I made a crisp instead....
06-08-2019 16:07

MOTS – Getting Bamboozled – Episode 137: PaleOMG

New podcast idea – it’s called Moral of the Story. Whenever I learn a life lesson, I’ll be sharing it here through a MOTS episodes. Today’s mo...
04-08-2019 16:09

Last Minute Nordstrom Anniversary Finds

TheNordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming to a close in just two days! And as most of you all know, everything sold out FAST! Well… not everything. I...
02-08-2019 16:08

Chorizo Rice Bowls

You guys, this blog post is really hard to write because I’m currently lying flat in bed. I got bamboozled last night. Meaning I got food poisoned ...
02-08-2019 16:08

Sailing Our Way Through the Bahamas

The Caribbean is my happy place. I think because I grew up in Colorado and have lived in a landlocked state my entire life. So when island life is at ...
01-08-2019 16:09

Carrot Margaritas

In honor of being in Cabo for the week, I created a new margarita recipe for you guys! And for many of you out there, this one might sound gross. But...
30-07-2019 16:07

IG Live of the Week – Breaking the Sugar Addiction

In this weeks Instagram Live, I talk about sugar addiction, how I’ve dealt with it in the past, and what I do now after getting back from a vacation...
28-07-2019 16:07

Full Coverage Sports Bras & Shorts For Every Workout

I’ve never felt comfortable working out in shorts. I just feel too exposed. And then I constantly find myself pulling the shorts down as they ride ...
26-07-2019 16:08

Mediterranean Buddha Bowl

When I got home from the Bahamas last week, my first meal was this. I wanted to get as many vegetables in as possible in one sitting. And this defini...
25-07-2019 16:08

Figuring Out How to Thrive After Birth Control

I’m about to get REAL up in here. And I’m definitely a little uncomfortable talking about it, but I feel like more people should be talking about ...
24-07-2019 16:08

Harissa Carrot & Pomegranate Salad

My carrot obsession lives on. More so my veggie obsession lives on. When I accidentally purchased about 20 pounds of carrots, I had absolutely no ide...
23-07-2019 16:07

Jeans That Help You Feel Your Best

Finding jeans use to be a complete nightmare. I would go into a store and nothing would fit exactly right. Either the legs were too tight and the wais...
19-07-2019 16:11

Buddha Bowls

Years and YEARS ago I decided I wanted to be a vegetarian. I was early into college and it was just something I wanted to try. Not sure why exactly, ...
18-07-2019 16:08


I’ve wanted to make Jackson some pupsciles for a while now and when it finally hit almost 100 degrees last week, I decided to make it happen. It’...
16-07-2019 16:08

IG Live of the Week – Confidence & Working on You

In this weeks IG live, I talk about something I’ve been working hard at this year – confidence. And I share a podcast that really struck a cord wi...
13-07-2019 16:07

Early Access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

It’s back!! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has begun and I just did some shopping the other day and bought just a few items this year. In the past I...
12-07-2019 16:08

No-Bake Samoas

Were you a girl scout growing up" I surprisingly was. I don’t think I really fit in with my scout group of girls since all of them were well-behave...
11-07-2019 16:08

A Day in the Life of a Full-Time Blogger

Making the title ‘A Day in the Life…’ makes it sound like I’m about to share a really exciting daily story with you. But alas, my days are not...
10-07-2019 16:08

Tuna Pok Bowls

One thing I’m hoping to experience this year before my husband finds a new job and goes back to work is…HAWAII!! I want to go so freaking bad. I...
09-07-2019 16:08

IG Live of the Week – Beauty & Skincare

This weeks instagram live was all about beauty and skincare, and my experiences throughout the years. Listen on the podcast! The post IG Live of the ...
08-07-2019 16:08

Our Master Bathroom Renovation

Welp…our first renovation was definitely a learning experience. There were some ups, a sh*t ton of downs, and a lovely conclusion, thankfully. We le...
03-07-2019 16:08

Chile Palomas

Just the other day my husband, my sister-in-law, and I all road bikes to a restaurant we all love. And I decided to go crazy and have one cocktail th...
02-07-2019 16:11

IG Live of the Week – CrossFit

This week on my instagram Live, I talk about CrossFit, why it changed my life for the better, and why I’ve taken a step back from it over the past y...
30-06-2019 16:07

Dressed For The 4th of July

Something that isn’t really computing in my mind at the moment is that the 4th of July is NEXT WEEK. How" How did this happen" This was the first we...
28-06-2019 16:07

Crispy Garlic Stuffed Chicken Thighs

Two things I can’t get enough of right now: Creamy Garlic Spread My air fryer, so I added the oven cooking process to this recipe as well. But if ...
27-06-2019 16:08

My Experience w/ Microneedling & Why I’m Obsessed

I just recently started getting microneedling done and I’M OBSESSED!! The main reason I’m doing microneedling is to improve acne scars and fine li...
26-06-2019 16:08

Peanut Butter & Jelly Smoothie Bowl

Something I love about Denver is that is has about a million different restaurants to choose from. Which sometimes makes it hard to not eat out for e...
25-06-2019 16:07

Elevating Your Post Workout Self Care

Something I love to do on a daily basis is workout. It’s the best. You know what I don’t like to do after" Clean myself up. Who has time for that"...
23-06-2019 16:07


Today is the LTK Day Sale! This is the first ever LTK Day and it’s filled with A TON of sales. And it’s only today then it’s totally gone! The o...
23-06-2019 16:07

IG Live of the Week – Question & Answer

If you missed my Instagram Live this past Wednesday, it was a Q&A session! You can listen to the audio on the podcast or watch the video below! The ...
23-06-2019 16:07

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