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Thai Margaritas

Back in February, my husband and I had a little Valentine’s weekend getaway in Phoenix. And while we were there, we ate at a restaurant calledTheG...
24-05-2018 16:08

Food Sensitivity Testing at Home with EverlyWell (+ a specia

A month or so ago I shared a quick instagram story about EverlyWell and the kits I had just received in the mail. EverlyWell was featured on Shark Tan...
23-05-2018 16:06

Fajita Chicken Salad

It’s amazing what a good night sleep does for a person. Ever since I got back into town last week from two back-to-back trips, I haven’t slept ver...
22-05-2018 16:06

Listener Questions – Episode 85: PaleOMG Uncensored Po

Today on the podcast, I’m answering your questions from beauty to fitness to food and everything in between! ____________ Support the podcast by cl...
19-05-2018 16:08

Express Yourself in Color this Summer

It’s summer and I love it. I’m ready to have a towel on the seat of my car so my thighs don’t melt off when I sit down. I’m ready to walk Jack...
18-05-2018 16:08

Collagen Chocolate Chip Cookies

I obviously have quite the collagen obsession lately. Yes, it’s a problem. But a good problem. I’m just constantly looking for new ways to get col...
17-05-2018 16:06

What to Eat, Drink and Do When You Head to Houston!

Traveling has been so much freaking fun lately and I have been moving nonstop! I’ve gone from Steamboat Springs to Guadeloupe to Houston and as I ty...
17-05-2018 16:06

Strawberry Arugula Bacon Salad w/ Warm Bacon Dressing

I know that most salads out there that include a warm dressing are usually spinach. But the problem is…I hate spinach. I hate the gritty texture it ...
15-05-2018 16:07

Why I Went Back to CrossFit Full-Time – Episode 84: Pa

Today on the podcast, I’m talking all about how my workout changes over the last 6 months messed with my hormones and body, how I noticed some adren...
12-05-2018 16:06

The Perfect Yoga Sculpt Attire

As of late, I’ve been trying out some new workouts to see what my body likes the most. Turns out, I was right all along with doing CrossFit full tim...
11-05-2018 16:06

Greek Yogurt Collagen Chocolate Chip Muffins

Stop what you’re doing right this very second and GO MAKE THESE MUFFINS!! It took me three tries to get these puppies right and then they came out a...
10-05-2018 16:07

Giving the Gift of Glowing Skin for Mother’s Day

I don’t understand how it’s May. It really doesn’t make sense. Just two seconds ago I was still in my 20’s and now where are we" 30, flirty an...
09-05-2018 16:07

Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast Pizza

I.Love.Pizza. I mean, who doesn’t" Liars, that’s who. And when you spin pizza into breakfast form, well, life is just perfect at that moment in ti...
08-05-2018 16:07

Get 2lbs of Free Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon w/ Your 1st But

It’s a very special Sunday today because I have an exciting offer for PaleOMG readers that love a delicious piece of salmon! And not just any salmon...
07-05-2018 16:05

Traveling to Guadeloupe with TradeWinds – Episode 83:

Today on the podcast, I’m chatting about my recent trip to Guadeloupe for my 30th birthday with TradeWinds. You can see all the photos from my trip ...
05-05-2018 16:05

PaleOMG Fashion – Vacation Looks

After a week of sailing the island of Guadeloupe, I am back in Denver cooking up a storm and getting posts ready to go before I leave for another trip...
04-05-2018 16:06

Celebrating My 30th Birthday at Sea with TradeWinds

There is no place I’d rather be than in the Caribbean. Well honestly, I’m happy to be anywhere that includes crystal clear blue waters for miles. ...
03-05-2018 16:06

Guest Post – Carrot Cake Protein Balls

So excited to have Tina fromCarrots N? Cakeguest posting on the blog today! I’ve followed Tina for years now and love seeing all the projects she ...
03-05-2018 16:06

Crispy Prosciutto and Ricotta Gnocchi

It feels so freaking good to be home. After a week of traveling to Guadeloupe and being in paradise for 7 days straight, I was super excited to get ba...
01-05-2018 16:06

Weekly Workouts on Vacation

Helloooooooo!! I’m officially back from vacation and feeling slightly rested. Those long travel days back stress me ouuuuut. We had a 3 or 4 hour fl...
30-04-2018 16:07

Favorite (and least favorite) Things Right Now – Episo

Today on the podcast, I’m sharing my favorite things that I can’t get enough of right now! Plus I’m sharing things that I pretty much can’t st...
29-04-2018 16:05

Easy Summer Style

I use to STRESS over what I would wear in the summer. I had a hard time figuring out my own style years ago and felt that way especially in the summer...
28-04-2018 16:06

Grocery Store Staples Series: Trader Joe’s

I have to be honest here…I don’t shop at Trader Joe’s very often. I have nothing against Trader Joe’s whatsoever, I just have 2 Whole Foods an...
26-04-2018 16:06

Finding the Perfect Statement Rug for Your Room

I’ll say it – I effing LOVE rugs. If I could have 40 rugs in my house, I would. But marriage is compromise and sometimes you have to compromise on...
25-04-2018 16:06

Lemon Poppyseed Fruit Salad

As you read this, I am somewhere in the Caribbean at the moment with my husband, sailing and visiting the island of Guadeloupe with TradeWinds. And be...
24-04-2018 16:06

Surprise Birthday Party & Denver Meet-Up: Episode 81 &#

Today on the podcast I’m sharing my first surprise birthday party that was so freaking fun! And I’m also sharing my first Denver meet-up I hosted ...
21-04-2018 16:06

Peppermint Patty Chia Pudding Parfaits

It’s Thursday. You know what that means" I leave for vacatioooooooon tomorrow. Not just me, me AND my husband. Time to officially celebrate turning ...
19-04-2018 16:05

Tula Denver Meet-Up

I’ve always wanted to put together a little meet-up but I had no idea how that would look. I’m not an event planner, I have no idea how that budge...
18-04-2018 16:06

Gyro Meatball Loaded Fries w/ Tzatziki Sauce

When I was in college and drinking far too many nights during the week, those nights often included 2am gyros at a gyro stand near the bars. Who knows...
17-04-2018 16:06

Listener Questions – Episode 80: PaleOMG Uncensored Po

Today on the podcast, I’m answering your awesome questions! Talking about date nights, where Jackson sleeps, my favorite bikinis, makeup I’m lovin...
14-04-2018 16:06

Finding the Most Comfortable Jumpsuit or Romper

One of my girlfriends constantly wears jumpsuits and looks FABULOUS every time I see her. And every time she has one on, I want to go shopping that ve...
13-04-2018 16:06

10 Things I Learned in the Second Year of Marriage

Another year of marriage down and I’m happy to say that I feel even stronger and more connected to my husband than the first year. Sure we have our ...
11-04-2018 16:06

Lox & Cream Cheese Sheet Pan Breakfast

Now before you go sh*tting the bed thinking I put real dairy cream cheese in this recipe…just read the recipe instead, ok"! No need to freak out. I ...
10-04-2018 16:06

Steamboat Recap, Workout Change and Class Pass – Episo

This week on the podcast, I?m talking about my recent weekend trip to Steamboat Springs, changing up my workout routine, and trying out Class Pass for...
07-04-2018 16:06

Spring Wedding Guest Looks

It’s that time again!! It’s wedding season! People are making the conscious decision to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a wedding and...
06-04-2018 16:06

Pork Belly Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

Before I get into anything and start offending people like I normally do on every post, let’s get to the magic of these tacos. These.Freaking.Tacos....
05-04-2018 16:07

Roasted Beet & Carrot Salad with Honey Thyme Vinaigrett

One of the best parts about living in Colorado is you can drive just a couple hours and be on vacation for the weekend. This is definitely not somethi...
03-04-2018 16:06

Getting Hacked, the CrossFit Open, & My Upcoming Event

This week on the podcast, I’m talking about the CrossFit Open coming to an end, trying yoga for the first time, balancing a new workout routine, my ...
02-04-2018 16:06

Maxi Dresses For Spring

Spring is hereeeeeee and I’m never looking back. It’s time for warmer weather, brighter colors and lots of exploring. Even when I head to Steamboa...
30-03-2018 16:06

Pad Thai Shrimp Lettuce Cups

Man. I miss the days when Facebook was just a simple website where you would see your friends photos and be updated on big life events. Instead, nowad...
29-03-2018 16:05

Coconut Cake Collagen Shake

I’ve talked about collagen before on the blog, but it’s something I get questions about constantly because, well, I promote the crap out of it. I...
28-03-2018 16:05

Blueberry Protein Smoothie Bowl (+ cooking video AND special

{ NEW COOKING VIDEO! } Well hello from snowy Colorado! We haven’t had much snow at all this year and today we are waking up in a little winter wond...
27-03-2018 16:08

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PaleOMG Fashion – Vacation Looks

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