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One Pan Pesto Fusilli

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One Pan Pesto Fusilli One Pan Pesto Fusilli

One Pan Pesto Fusilli

In the warmer months, I don't like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so quick easy and things which don't heat up the whole kitchen are what I cook most of the time.  I like to spend more time outdoors in the garden, and eat things which are lighter and simpler.

This is a super simple dish and is quite, quite delicious.  It also makes use of things which most people have around most of the time. 

Things like pasta . . .  and pesto. I always have a jar of pesto in the cupboard, but in the summer I like to make my own. It's really VERY easy to make.  I have a recipe to make your own here.

That is when the basil in my garden is going mad and I have tons of it.  You can freeze it in Ice Cube trays and then pop the cubes out into zip lock baggies for use all year round if you wanted to. Easy Peasy.

Cherry tomatoes.  I always have them in the house as well. We eat a lot of them and in the summer, I grow my own also.  Ours are not ready yet, of course, but this is the perfect recipe for when they are, and in the meantime a good vine grown cherry tomato from the shops will work very well.

I use whole wheat pasta because I am a diabetic and it is better for diabetics to use whole wheat pasta.  But you can use ordinary pasta if you wish.  Just make sure it has lots of crevices and curves to hug all that lovely sauce.

Double cream. Something else I always have in the refrigerator, but here is a little secret I am going to let you in on . . .  low fat evaporated milk.  You can use that instead of double cream and cut down on the calories and fat no problem.  Works fine and with the pesto in the sauce you wouldn't be able to tell that you have used it by taste.  Seriously.
White wine. We don't drink alcohol in our home, but I always keep small bottles of white and red wine in my larder.  I think they contain what would be construed as a single serving for someone who drinks wine.  They are perfect for me because I know they will get used up quickly and won't go off.  They are not all that expensive either, a couple of pounds is all.

Mushrooms, and here is another true confession here.  I have discovered bags of frozen mushrooms.  They work perfectly in dishes where you are going to cook your mushrooms. You can pick up a bag of them at the grocery store in the frozen department.  In ASDA you can get a 600g bag for £1. They are a great store cupboard ingredient for something like this. They are loose frozen so you can just dump out as much as you need, and they come in very handy.

*One Pan Pesto Fusilli*Serves 6Printaable Recipe 
Quick, easy and delicious!  Perfect for those busy nights when you are lacking in time and inspiration! You can't get much easier than this! 
1 TBS olive oil1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved (about a dozen)115g button mushrooms, sliced (4 ounces)129ml white wine (1/2 cup)85ml double cr...


Source of news: The English Kitchen
Source of publication: 14-06-2017 16:06
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