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Lemon Stuffed French Toast

 Whenever I have stale bread I want to make one of two things . . .  either I want to make a bread pudding, or I want to make French Toast.  Today ...
29-04-2017 16:07

Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes and Capers

 There are normally only two of us eating in this house and so I normally try to cut recipes in half for us, or create dishes which are simple and ...
28-04-2017 16:07

Victoria Sponge Cake

  The Victoria Sponge is one of my absolute favourite of all the cakes.  There is nothing fancy about it.  It is just a plain simple sponge, which...
27-04-2017 16:06

BLT Salad

 We had a lovely weekend weatherwise last weekend.  Salad weather.  Well, I thought it was salad weather anyways.  Todd was not so sure!  It was ...
26-04-2017 16:06

Golden Harvest Muffins

 When I first moved over here to the UK, I knew I wouldn\'t be able to bring any of my cookbooks with me at that time.  (IS it possible that it was ...
22-04-2017 16:06

Oat Bannocks

In my previous marriage, we used to spend a lot of time on Prince Edward Island in the summer.  Although I was born on the Island, it was only an acc...
21-04-2017 16:05

Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

 A dear friend of mine has had a granddaughter serving a Mission for her church over here in the UK for the past almost 18 months.  She is due to re...
20-04-2017 16:06

I ? My Barbeque

 With drier and warmer days in the offing, its time to think about cracking open the BBQ.  There is nothing to get the taste buds tingling than the ...
19-04-2017 16:06

The Skinny Bakery

 One of my favourite things about having a food blog is that occasionally it affords me the opportunity to try something new that I might not have tr...
18-04-2017 16:06

A few Easter Bits

Deviled eggs have to be one of the easiest things in the world to make and one of the most popular dishes on the salad table. Men absolutely love the...
16-04-2017 16:06

Hot Cross Bun French Toast

 Happy Easter weekend!  How can you tell its a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK.  The Traffic going out of town towards the coast on the Motor Way is...
15-04-2017 16:06

Salade Composť

Sixty years ago, the English writer GK Chesterton wrote, `If an Englishman has understood a Frenchman, he has understood the most foreign of foreigner...
14-04-2017 16:05

Dole Resealable Fridge Packs.

 When I was a child, with the exception of bananas, oranges and apples, and berries during berry season, most of the fruit we ate came in tins. We di...
13-04-2017 16:07

Hot Cross Scones

 One of my favourite things that I love about Easter are Hot Cross Buns. It has been ever so, since I was a child.  What a treat they have always be...
13-04-2017 16:07

Garden Tomb Cookies

 I saw something similar to this on Pinterest one day last week, but could not find any instructions and so I decided to try to make them myself and ...
12-04-2017 16:12

Oreo Peanut Butter Chocolate Chippers

 If you are looking for a cookie that is buttery with crisp edges, a slight bit of chewy middle and is stogged full of crunchy, creamy chocolatey bit...
11-04-2017 16:15

Cheesy Pesto Bread

 When I was younger I used to collect those small magazines that they always kept in the grocery store around the tils.  They were usually put out b...
10-04-2017 16:05

Oreo Thins

 Have you tried the New Oreo Thins"   Oreos have always been one of my favourite cookies.  I like the traditional black and whites . . .  that cri...
10-04-2017 16:05

Low Sugar Lemon Drizzle Cake

 As a Type 2 Diabetic I really struggle with baking.  I love to bake and I love to eat, which is probably what got me in this situation in the first...
08-04-2017 16:05

Black Garlic and Cheesy Smash

 I was recently asked if I would like to try some Basaljo Black Garlic.  I quite like garlic and I was immediately intrigued . . .  black garlic. I...
07-04-2017 16:06

Italian Wedding Soup Supper Dish

Usually when I travel I like to pick up cooking magazines that have interesting recipes in them. It can present somewhat of a challenge if they are in...
06-04-2017 16:05

Country Baked Chicken

We eat a lot of chicken in this house.   We quite like it, and its quite affordable. I really like the dark meat mmost of all, but I tend to cook br...
05-04-2017 16:06

Ham Pie

 I have been a consummate collector of recipes for many, many years.  As a girl I used to clip them out of my mother\'s True Story magazines and Wom...
04-04-2017 16:05

Braised Beef with Guinness

 I picked up some beautiful Black Angus stewing beef when I was at Costco the other day with my friend Tina.  Their meat always looks so gorgeous. ...
03-04-2017 16:05

Earl Grey Stewed Prunes

 I love breakfasts over on the continent, which is what we would call mainland Europe here in the UK. Anytime we have travelled there I have reall...
02-04-2017 16:05

Lemon Gingerbread Drizzle Cake

   I make no secret of the fact I am crazy about the flavour of ginger.  Ginger tea, ginger cookies, ginger cakes, in stir fries, candied . . .  ...
01-04-2017 16:05

Fried Cabbage with Bacon & Onions

 I have always loved fried cabbage.  I first had it when I was in high school.  We cooked it in our Home Economics Class. It was just fried cabbage...
31-03-2017 16:05

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

 Well, I did a bit of housekeeping on here yesterday and I lost my old blog theme.  I did save the html to a word document, but I have no idea of ho...
30-03-2017 16:04

Byron Potatoes

 We love potatoes in this house. In fact I would hazard to say that for both of us, the potato is our favourite vegetable! They go with literally ev...
29-03-2017 16:05

Chili Fry Tacos

 I was looking for something quick and easy to make for our tea the other night.  I needed to go grocery shopping and there wasn\'t a lot of fresh t...
28-03-2017 16:06

French Dip Au Jus

   On Sundays if I am really on the ball, I like to throw something into the crockpot before I leave for church so that dinner is ready and waitin...
27-03-2017 16:06

Cookie Crisp French Toast Sticks

 Several years ago I made some French Toast Sticks using Rice bubbles and they were fabulous. These were a real favourite of ours.  They were delici...
26-03-2017 16:05

Blueberry & Lemon Breakfast Buns

  I normally like to pull out all the stops for breakfast at the weekend.   A leftover from my working days I suppose.   I didn\'t have a lot of ...
25-03-2017 16:06

Honey & Soy Baked Chicken

  Everyone needs a tasty recipe like this up their sleeves!  It is so simple and so delicious and uses things I always have in the house, and I a...
24-03-2017 16:06

Lemon Glazed Cinnamon Scrolls

  I love puff pastry.  Well, I love any pastry actually.  I am a pastry afficionado from way back and the butterier and flakier the better! I am a...
23-03-2017 16:06

Salmon and Broccoli Quiche

 I forget where I was, but it was a couple of weeks ago now, I was visiting with someone and they mentioned baking a quiche for supper a few nights b...
22-03-2017 16:05

Skillet Chicken and Spinach Bowties

 Today I bring you a pasta dish which is not only quick and easy to make, but quite, quite delicious!  With it\'s fresh flavours and pretty colours,...
21-03-2017 16:06

Blue Ribbon Blueberry Cake

 This is a cake that I haven\'t made in a very long time. I had actually forgotten all about it, but then as I was going thru the Big Blue Binder the...
20-03-2017 16:05

Chunky Puy Lentil & Vegetable Soup

   Puy lentils, grown in France are just wonderful in soups. They thicken without turning to sludge. They don\'t break down like other lentils a...
20-03-2017 16:05

Date, Pistachio & Honey Slices

  As you know I\'ve  been working really hard on my cookbook. There hasn\'t been a lot of cooking going on these past few days as I am down to the ...
18-03-2017 16:06

Irish Apple Cake

  I wanted to make Todd my Irish Apple Cake for Saint Patricks Day.  He loves apple anything, and I have been wanting to re-do some of my earlier r...
17-03-2017 16:05

Bean & Sausage Hot Pot

Still working on my cookbook that I am writing.  It is down to the crunch time now, with not a lot of time left for me to finish it all up.  I have ...
15-03-2017 16:05

Boiled Bacon & Cabbage with a Mustard Sauce

I have a cookery book I really love.  It\'s called The Country Cooking of Ireland, by Coleman Andrews and it\'s a real winner.  I have always felt t...
14-03-2017 16:06

Mexi-Bean Bake

 After a really busy and full week last week, I found myself craving something simple for tea on Saturday evening.  A store cupboard meal and someth...
13-03-2017 16:06

Jam Roly Poly

 I never make a Jam Roly Poly for dessert but what I don\'t think of one of my favourite childhood stories, The Tale of Samuel Whiskers and the Roly ...
12-03-2017 16:06

Spiced Apple Custard & Cake Pie

 I\'ve been really cracking the whip with myself this month, writing, writing, writing . . .  trying to hit the deadline for my new cookbook and wri...
11-03-2017 16:06

Coffee & Cardamom Loaf

 One of my favourite cooking magazines over here in the UK is the Good Food Cooking magazine.  I used to have a subscription, but when I lost my job...
10-03-2017 16:05

Chicken with Apricots & Almonds

Weeknights I try to keep things really simple.   I am very busy during the week and after having worked as a chef for many years, I quite  honestly ...
09-03-2017 16:08

Ham Hash, & Epicurean Kitchenware

¬†Eddingtons recently sent me some kitchenware from Epicurean to try out and I have spent the last month putting it through it\'s paces in a big way.¬...
08-03-2017 16:06

Turkey Meatballs and Lemon Rice

 I am a huge fan of one an suppers.  The less washing up the better!  Less mess, less stress.  I recently came across this recipe for Turkey Meatb...
08-03-2017 16:06

Buttermilk Chicken

I can still remember the first time I tasted Buttermilk. It was way back in the mid 1970\'s.  I think I bought some to make a cake with or something....
06-03-2017 16:05

Gypsy Creams

I just love, love, LOVE the traditional recipes of the UK. All those years I spent ensconced in Enid Blyton books, drooling and dreaming over what so...
05-03-2017 16:06

Buttermilk Biscuits

I am a lover of quick breads  . . .  scones, tea loaves, baking powder biscuits, muffins, corn bread, etc.  I just love them.  One of the reasons...
03-03-2017 16:06

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Strawberry Confetti Cake

Strawberry Confetti Cake is piled with fresh sweet berries, strawberry marshmallow†frosting, confetti angel food cake and topped with whip cream. The perfect dessert that even kids can make! I grew up in southern California, where 75% of the... -
Samosa Pinwheels ? Spiced Potato Pinwheels

Samosa Pinwheels ? Spiced Potato Pinwheels

What happens when Samosa potatoes meet Pinwheels. You get Samosa pinwheels! These pinwheels are easy with a few ingredients. The Samosa potatoes come together quickly if you have boiled potatoes. The pinwheels come together in 20 minutes! Faster... -
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This Low-Carb Ham and Cauliflower Casserole Au Gratin is definitely a treat for low-carb comfort food, and it's also gluten-free and South Beach Diet friendly.January can get feeling long if you're being strict on a healthy eating plan, and... -
Grilled PB&J

Grilled PB&J

How have I lived nearly†30 years†without ever grilling my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!" PB&J sandwiches†are one of my go to lunches for my kids and I because they are ... -
Almond Apricot Biscotti

Almond Apricot Biscotti

At the local coffee shop that my boyfriend frequents there’s a large†case full of homemade biscotti near the cash register. Every time I’m in there with him my eyes are drawn to†the big apricot flavored biscotti. I’m always so... -
Skillet-Roasted Chicken Breasts in Lemon Sauce

Skillet-Roasted Chicken Breasts in Lemon Sauc...

I found a recipe on America’s Test Kitchen that looked perfect to use up the chicken breasts in my refrigerator. I liked that the chicken had a quick brine and I thought the lemon sauce sounded simple and delicious. I adapted the recipe to... -
Soft Banana Snickerdoodles

Soft Banana Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles are my very favorite cookie so I don’t make them often because they are very dangerous for me to have around! When I saw a recipe for soft banana snickerdoodles on Comfort of Cooking, I just had to make them. I adapted the... -
Desi Health Bites : Recipe for Baked Sweet Potato Sticks with Chilli Mayo

Desi Health Bites : Recipe for Baked Sweet Po...

A very common question people ask me is "What oil do you use or recommend"" It\'s not a question that can be answered easily as various oils have their respective health benefits. In the oil corner of my counter, you\'ll find a tray with rice... -
Italian Wedding Soup Supper Dish

Italian Wedding Soup Supper Dish

Usually when I travel I like to pick up cooking magazines that have interesting recipes in them. It can present somewhat of a challenge if they are in a foreign language, but I am always up for a challenge.  The last time I went to Canada (which... -

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